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Thinking of Purchasing a 2017-2018 G63

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Hello All,

Thinking of getting a 2017-2018 G63. I have found a few that have relatively low miles at a decent price point. My questions mainly surround the typical cost of annual maintenance, and what are the typical repairs that will need to be made (as well as associated costs) over the next few years. Any major malfunctions, or "surprises" I should be aware of at certain mileages? Any guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Everyone!
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My 2015 G63 is my daily driver. I do my own oil and filter changes, rotate tires, etc. The annual cost is very low (basically an oil change and air filter change).

The only out of ordinary expense for me (although my shop said it happens) was a leaking coolant reservoir tank at around 52k miles. I think it ran me about $1200 total at my local independent shop...I’d have to look it up to get the actual cost.
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