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Hey all,

So I had a 2000 S500 W220, and recently sold it. I had some sellers remorse almost immediately. It was a really nice car. Since selling I have been missing that big car feel that commands the road as you move down the freeway. The big torque of the V8 to effortlessly pass other cars on the freeway and keep you moving.

The W220 was nice, rode smooth, had the AMG package, but also had it's issues, as will come with any car. The CD player and tape players didn't work at all, but the stereo did sound great. It was quiet on the inside, you didn't hear anything outside of the car.

My biggest gripe was how un-upgradeable the stereo was, as I really wanted something with BT to stream pod casts and music from my phone.

With that said, I am thinking of picking up a W140 or a W126 (also thinking of a 2006+ Cadillac DTS). Both cars are big boats, good lines, look good and they seem to have quite a following to help with DIY troubleshooting and repairs (The W220 also had a great following).

I have seen a couple of W126's locally, but not to many W140's. Either one would be a third car for our family, and likely wouldn't be daily driven. Just looking for any inputs from those that have either gone through the same debate or have owned both to see what they think.

Also would consider the 2 door W140, I kind of like the coupe body style :)


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