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Thinking of getting new rims. Need info

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Hello Folks. Summer is almost here and i was thinking of getting new rims for my ride. I was thinking of getting the AMG style. A few questions.
1. How many shapes and sizes do the AMG rims come in for the W203?
2. Is the 2002 and later AMG rim style any different from 2001?
3. Getting the replica's is a good idea or should i get used original ones?
4. Where can i look/get the rims from and what would be the aprox cost for replica's/ used originals?

Thanx in advance everyone.
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I wanted to get 18 inch ones if the size is available in the AMG style.
My budget is between 2 to 400$ per rim.
Thanx Kiriller and MJ50 for the info.Can anyone suggest any online place that i could get the replica's from at a good price. Is quality a facter to be concidered here? I am asking this caus my car came with a set of AMG style 16" rims and after driving for a bout 4 months, the rims look like crap. I was wondering if anyone had a problem with replica's ?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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