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Thinking about buying a CLK430 in the next year...any advice?

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Hi guys, I just registered here, I wanted to find out some info and educate myself, since this will be a big deal for me.

Right now I have a '98 Accord V6 coupe, a far cry from a CLK430, but I got the idea of this car stuck in my head, and I want to find out of this is really the car for me. I got the idea from a guy on my current forum,, that has a C32. He mentioned the 98+ CLK with the Kleeman S/C.

I dont think I would be doing that right off the bat, I only have so much money at 21, haha, but like i said, I want to find out as much information about this car as i can.

Ill be searching this site, and too, to find out things I should look out for and look out for and information like that. Are there any other sites besides these 2 that are good? Anything you can tell me would be great. Thanks a lot guys, hopefully in a year ill be showing you guys pics of my new baby[:D]
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Some advice? I would generally advise to stay away fr...

Some advice? I would generally advise to stay away from the 98-99 model CLK's. Starting in 2000 many new features became available such as multifunction display and steering wheel controls, side mirror blinkers, GPS roof antenna, painted lower skirts on the 320, black wood on the 430, tiptronic transmission, and several other things I'm sure I'm forgetting. Good luck with your future purchase and we'll see you on the boards. :0)
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