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I am looking at getting a CLK230 for my next car, I have been a volvo driver (yes ha ha) for most my driving life (parents hand me downs). Are there particular things that I need to look out for? Transmission or Enging issues? I know the cam leakage on the engine wire harness is one, and the peeling interior paint, but are there any other things that I should be on alert for? I know MB's are top quality vehicle but I know that slack owners sometime wreck their cars with laziness.

I have inspected a few cars a 1998 with 167,000 klms on clock,interior ok $16,900 and 2000,117,000KLMS, exclent $19,990 and 2002,74,000KLM $25,000.

Any advice to a newbie would be great no matter how triviale!!!
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