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Wooo! Alright, new member, previous lurker, new (old) 98 E320 owner!

Just got a 1998 E320, so far from what I can say it's been kept in mint condition. 123k miles, no body damage whatsoever, interior is impeccable, and I keep finding neat new features every time I climb in :)
Needless to say, I'm ecstatic. Not a single person gonna get to drive that thing but me :D

So that's my car, a bit about me is that I'm a tech geek, always have always been. Modding things have been my passion, just to see how everything works, and then tweak to my likings. :) I'm also into cars, by that I mean I know what most of the parts do and what they are, where they are, etc. Not the level of a mechanic though, just a slightly knowledgable hands-on person is what I like to think of. Ask me to replace your timing chain and I might have to look it up, but otherwise I could handle replacing wiring, most parts (o2, alt, etc) that come needing repair and I got it.

So, just got it last night, about to go jump outside in the daylight and check it out. One thing that I noticed is (of course) it had some get-up-and-go to it :D The other thing I noticed is that it seems as if I could get a lot more power out of it's like the power was there before just that it's gotten lazy over the years :D

So one of the first things I'm going to do is of course the standard tune up deal (better oil filter, air filter, flushes, etc), then move to a tint (the glass is hella clear...) but I'm not really experienced with the Benz. I've worked on mostly Toyota/Ford/Honda... :surrender:
Any pointers as to where I could start to restore some of the old power to the engine? Any parts MB is known for needing replacement after a certain number of years/miles that lead to engine-ware, and a power decrease?

Now the other thing I want to do to it (eventually), is install a CarPC...developing the CPC and whatnot won't be an issue, but if anyone's reading this and wants to chime in with their CarPC install, and toss some tips/pics/etc that'd be awesome! Otherwise, I'm off to go searching for some examples :D

Thanks and hello!

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Welcome to the forum spyro. You ought to ask some of these questions in the W210 section of forum (the chassis model of your E320) Here is the link:

W210 E-Class - - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum

Also be sure to put up some pictures. The E320 you have gets 0-60 in the mid 7s. If it's taking your car longer then it could be any number of things really...

Have you tried resetting your transmission? The 722.6 transmission is a driver adaptive transmission after all. (My s420 has the same transmission) if you reset it then it will adjust to your driving style. Simple get in your car and put the key to the position right before the car starts (all the gauge lights should come on) Then push the gas pedal ALL THE WAY down for about 10 seconds. (Again make sure the car is NOT on) Then let go of the pedal and turn the key back to the regular position (but don't pull it out). Leave it that way for about 2 minutes and then start the car and take it for a good drive. The car will adjust to the way you drive the next time you drive it so the first few shifts will feel 'weird'. It will always be adjusting to the way you drive but the first 40 shifts after the reset determines how the car will generally drive after that.

You can always reset your transmission whenever you feel like it. It won't do any harm to the car.

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Welcome to Benzworld
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