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As Occupy Protests around the world are violently disbursed for trying to raise awareness about the suicidal course the world is on they were first painted as "diffuse", "unfocused" and "meaningless" by the press, and as they grew to worldwide numbers enough to constitute an actual threat, portrayed to be criminal, socialist, and communist, a fallacious view held by many here who's only knowledge of them is either through mainstream press or Right Wing Punditry, they are now "mistakenly" being classified as terrorists along with Al Queda and FARC.

Occupy London's anger over police 'terrorism' document | UK news |

Congress is the midst of passing a law that will allow The US to imprison -for life- American Citizens on American Soil without ever being charged with a crime or having a trial, even going so far as to be able to imprison them if they are found innocent if classified as terrorists...such as protesters.

The OWS position is the world as it is, is insane, run by political and corporate Sociopaths

As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.
Trudell is a bit of a granola guy, but I share his views that Society has a whole has been warped, this is nothing new, but as the years have passed the Sociopaths have slowly gained ground as their policy includes, but is not limited to conquest, and exterminating everything and everyone in their path, this has gone on for millennium, includes ruling parties and ruling families as well as Organized Religion, the evidence for this is overwhelming, and started on this continent with Columbus, continued with Cortez, and was fulfilled with the introduction of Andrew Jackson's Policies and "Manifest Destiny", a justification for the genocide for an entire population

I believe these policies to be methodical and purposeful, not, as a result of some worldwide conspiracy, but as the direct result of Sharks having professional courtesy for each other, as evidenced by the example of Nancy Pelosi saying "Impeachment/Prosecution is off the table" for Bush

I maintain that our very Society is ill, that what we view as basic policies are in fact Radical Extremism, Racism and Fascism, and that is why I view our governments policies, and Television Stations such as Fox News and Pundits such as Bill O'Reilly as "Radicals", because while they may not appear very far to the "Right" of our "centrist" policies, I maintain that those themselves have been corrupted, that any Society that relies on Military Force to push and enforce Economic Agendas is in fact, evil

When I voted for Obama, I voted for "Change I could believe in" as all of his speeches addressed curtailing these very policies, but what we got was this:

I believe that destroying the environment, torturing animals for "research", and the exploitation, suppression, and murder of people is fundamentally wrong, and that by engaging in Partisan Debate, all we are doing is arguing about the degrees of evil and spending our time in fingerpointing and blame, I believe this is by design to keep us divided as well as get us to support the very agenda that is oppressing us, as both the Democrats and Republicans both agree on one thing, they both vote for the exact same thing

"The lesser of two evils" in order to defeat the fundamentally unsound and insane policies of their opponents

I think the "food" provided by our mainstream media is comparable to the "food" provided by our fast food restaurants, the "chicken" and "beef" in these products were illegal for consumption and sold as pet food just a few years ago, by sending all this "trash" to large factories and forcing ammonia through it to kill the germs, it is now legal for sale to humans!_ammonia-treated_pink_slime_now_in_most_u.s._ground_beef

I believe it will come to this shortly, and I have no doubt I will be on the "Right" side for me morally, but it won't end well for me if I persist

I want a better planet, I am not Naive enough to want a Utopian Society, but I think one not run by Psychopaths and Sociopaths that is destroying the planet and oppressing, murdering, torturing, maiming, and locking up for dissident beliefs it's people in the name of economic oppression is possible

I realize these views leave me open to be labeled all sorts of things by those people who do support "The Party Line" as all sorts of things and names, I am comfortable with that, I view our policies to be nothing short of murderous insanity, and expect, especially here to be castigated and ridiculed for those views

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Jesus would be with St Paul's protestors this Christmas, says Archbishop of Canterbury | Mail Online

The question remains will he, The ArchBishop of Canterbury be there on Christmas or is he more important then Jesus?
Jesus would be with St Paul's protesters this Christmas, says Archbishop of Canterbury

By Steve Doughty

Last updated at 11:23 AM on 6th December 2011

Jesus would spend Christmas with the St Paul’s Cathedral protesters, the Archbishop of Canterbury said yesterday.

Dr Rowan Williams declared that Christ would be ‘there, sharing the risks, not just taking sides.’

He said in an article aimed at the huge audience of buyers of the Christmas edition of the Radio Times that Jesus ‘is somebody who constantly asks awkward questions’.

The Archbishop said: ‘Christmas doesn’t commemorate the birth of a super-good person who shows us how to get it right every time, but the arrival in the world of someone who tells us that everything could be different.’

Dr Williams’ move to link the St Paul’s protest with Christmas follows his decision last month to give his personal backing to the cathedral campers.

He said last month that their demonstration expressed ‘a widespread and deep exasperation with the financial establishment.’

The St Paul’s protest claimed the scalps of three clerics during its first few days in October. Among them were Dean of St Paul’s, the Very Rev Graeme Knowles and the cathedral’s Canon Chancellor, Dr Giles Fraser.


Bank sharks who preyed on the dying: HSBC fined after thousands lured into bonds they'd never see pay out
Banks must slash bonuses for greedy executives, say shareholders
RIGHTMINDS: Rowan Williams is right to ask why we face riots in our streets and protests at St Paul's

Dr Fraser’s career, however, appears to be reviving – he is a key figure in a Church committee set up to negotiate with the campers.

Since then the continued presence of the protesters has led to deepening controversy. There have been allegations of drug abuse in the camp and of the defacing by demonstrators of parts of the cathedral.

Last week protesters were reported to have been split by an angry row over control of the £25,000 given to them by well-wishers.
Some protestors at the Occupy London camp outside St Paul's Cathedral. During the ongoing protests there have been allegations of drug abuse and damage to the cathedral

Protesters at the Occupy London camp outside St Paul's Cathedral. During the ongoing protests there have been allegations of drug abuse and damage to the cathedral

The City of London is making legal moves towards removing the protest camp, but demonstrators appear determined to stay on the Cathedral steps until the Olympics next summer and beyond.

Dr Williams said in his article: ‘One of the slogans on the posters and banners in front of St Paul’s Cathedral has been “What would Jesus do?”

‘This started life in the US some years ago, with people wearing wristbands with WWJD on them. It’s one of those things that looks wonderfully obvious, a quick way to the right answer.’

He added that when Jesus said ‘give Caesar what belongs to Caesar’, he meant to ask ‘what’s the exact point at which involvement in the empire of capitalist economy compromises you fatally?’

The Archbishop said the challenge of Christ’s life and death was: ‘What if all your standards of success and failure are upside down?’
The Archbishop supports a ¿Robin Hood tax¿ on banking transactions ¿to take seriously the moral agenda of the protesters at St Paul¿s¿

The Archbishop supports a 'Robin Hood tax' on banking transactions 'to take seriously the moral agenda of the protesters at St Paul's'

‘WWJD? He’d first of all be there: sharing the risks, not just taking sides but steadily changing the entire atmosphere by the questions he asks of everybody involved, rich and poor, capitalist and protester and cleric.’

Dr Williams said that ‘the Jesus we meet in the Bible is somebody who constantly asks awkward questions (especially questions addressed to religious people, moral people and rich people – all the sorts of people involved at St Paul’s) rather than just giving us a model of good behaviour.’

The Archbishop said last month that he supported a ‘Robin Hood tax’ on banking transactions as a means ‘to take seriously the moral agenda of the protesters at St Paul’s.’

France and Germany are pressing hard for such a tax to be imposed across Europe, but the Coalition says it will not penalise the City unless similar taxes are imposed across the world.

The Christmas Radio Times is thought to sell double the magazine’s usual circulation of just under a million and could be expected to give the Archbishop a potential audience of six million readers.

Read more: Jesus would be with St Paul's protestors this Christmas, says Archbishop of Canterbury | Mail Online

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