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Hi, I have a C220 CDI SE Auto Coupe, full description I presume helps
It is May2003
I bought from a Merc Repairer, who said they would check why my Indicators wouldnt cancel on staightening up after a bend.
After needing the car back I collected being told it would need to come back because of faults on display but ok to drive ???

On driving it away I discovered
indicators dont work
main beam doesnt work
car goes in limp mode after 5-10 mins of driving
no horn
no steering wheel controls

but after perservering i find i can get indicators and beam to work when i touch/pull the indicator stalk towards me (avoiding flashing everyone ahead of me !!)

the garage arnt being helpful after leaving me with this problem and now trying to avoid bearing any cost.

I have been told i need a steering angle sensor and combination switch !
Can anyone tell me if this is correct to solve these problems and where i get them from ?

As you will understand I dont know alot, but realise there are some kind souls out there who could help :)
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