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2005 CL65
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I remember the Top Gear episode but I thought it was a newer CL63 507 or P31 they were "beating" the 65 with. Still, it was a traction issue, not a power issue. If I recall correctly, the 65 would win a 1/4 mile drag race by .1 seconds but the less powerful CL63 would win in the 1/8 mile & 0-60 by about .1 second. If I recall there was also a short burst like 50-70 the 63 was faster too. Still, throw a set of drag radials on the 65 car and it would take a lot of mods to get a 63 to match it at any speed.
Who only goes WOT on a 65 from 50-70? It is just starting to really mash you into the seat about then.

I rented a 2014 C63 when on vacation in April. Loved the instant shifing and blip on downshif of the trans, but otherwise not even close to the car my 9 year old CL65 is. Granted it was the 451 HP version, not a 507, but still, not even close.
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