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Mercedes A124 E320 Model, 1994 (Euro)
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Hi, I'm joining up your forum because when ever I'm typing in a query in google,
I seem to be magically transported to this site in the search results.

I have to say the size and scope of your website is quite intimidating to a newbie like me.

I'm a newish A124 / E320 convertible owner. I bought a 1994 facelift (euro) model
recently (last 6 months) in white with blue leather seats.
She is a lovely car to drive though not as powerful or fast as
my old twin turbo Lexus / Toyota Aristo (Jzs147)
that was my steed for the last 5 years.

Speed and power are not everything though as I've recently allowed myself to find out

I've only really being driving her around recently having being stationed abroad
and have noticed a few problems, one or two which have me really stumped...
oops straying well off topic here

OK, I'm another newbie, thank you for reading all the way down :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts