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The stupidest question in the forum....

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This has been driving me crazy--- I just have to ask. In several of the postings I hear references to a "MAF." What is it? There is talk about cleaning it.... please let me know what this is and how I can clean it. Thanks.
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Really no

need to clean it unless you have the codes associated with it being dirty ,out of range or faulty.p0170 and p0173.
Just never go to the dealer for replacement of one,just got off the cell phone with a member that was charged over $700 for a new maf and diagnostics(B.S.)to replace unit and clear codes and set adaptations(dealer lingo for ass reaming)
If it goes bad and throws codes,clean it per the diy,if you have not replaced your fuel filter in years replace that also since it can be a hidden cause of intermittent maf codes and if doing that fails to clear the trim codes replace the maf(also called MAS)to add further to your confusion:D with a new unit from or the insert from

Re:Air volume,no it just is a heated wire with a thermistor that gets cooled by air going past it and converts that drop in temperature to a change involtage and sends it to the cars computer to let it figure how much air is going into the engines intake so it can adjust air/fuel ratios for the best combustion.
A clean air filter(from not K/N )is all you need for the most volume of air these engines need ,unless you install a huffer:thumbsup:
and yes the stupid question is about the 22' rims,everyone should know 24's are the new 22's:rolleyes:
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What he said:D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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