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The stupidest question in the forum....

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This has been driving me crazy--- I just have to ask. In several of the postings I hear references to a "MAF." What is it? There is talk about cleaning it.... please let me know what this is and how I can clean it. Thanks.
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Bloxx, wait until you see it as AFM, AMS, etc. Then you'll really be going nuts. :rolleyes:

In addition to the referenced sticky, there is a little search box at the top of the forum. You can use it as advanced or just the basic, just click it, type in your term and go. Boom, you'll get lots of info if you use the MAF one, and some of it may even be useful. :)

Take care and enjoy the MAF-ful ride,
Thanks everyone! What are some of the benefits to cleaning it? I am guessing that you get an increased amount of air intake?
Hey, bloxx. The dirtiest MAF in the world won't affect the amount of air flow. Rather, the MAF "reads" the amount (the mass) of air passing it and conveys that information to the ECU, which uses that information, and lots more besides, to adjust the amount of fuel the engine needs. Understand that this is a very basic explanation, the algorithm and what happens is much more complicated and it does this dozens of times per second.

Re: cleaning, unless it's dirty, there is really no benefit to cleaning it, although companies that market MAF cleaner suggest that cleaning it should be a regular maintenance item. If yours has never been cleaned or replaced and you clean it properly, it's highly unlikely you'll do any damage. That said, if it's sufficiently dirty, it will trigger a dtc or perhaps even a CEL. So absent one of those, then unless you're just looking for something to do, I would leave well enough alone.

Take care and enjoy the ride,
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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