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1998 E320, silver: "Grace" (because a friend already claimed "Mercy")
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So I go to put my plates on my 95 E320
The upper left bolt just won't budge.
I end up destroying the bolt and have to drill it out.
Strange that they used an aluminum mount instead of the usual nylon.

But to do this I had to take out the trunk lid liner.
Two issues arose. Those silly snap things break off quite easily.
Fortunately there was a 126 @ a local yard from which I could
salvage enough of them, and @ no charge.
(Thanks Pick n Pull)
But getting the liner back on -- properly -- is a pain.
The two in the center just will not stay on the liner.
I tried putting the liner on from the bottom up and the top down
and even starting at the center. All to no avail.
(Didn't try side-to-side. Probably should have.)
So I left the two center clips off the liner.

No big loss.
But deep down inside I will always know that it is not "right". :crybaby2:
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