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I folded the rear passenger seat down to carry something today and it refuses to come back up.
The centre seat belt has gone too far back into the seat and now it wont go back as it is in the horizontal position. I have tried everything to release it but it wont move. It is impossible to take the back of the seat off and there is no way of releasing the belt.

Here's the good news!

My wife works for a car bodyshop, so i took it down to their workshop.
The only way to release the belt is to get the seat back into its upright position.
To do this the seat has to be removed. Its quite a big job but not impossible. The seat can be unbolted by removing the plastic trims on the carpet and unbolting the bolts fixing the seat to the floor pan(not all hexican heads, some are a special type))

IMPORTANT there is an electrical connector that must be unplugged and the ignition must be off or a warning light will come on. Sorry i dont know why but thats what i was told.

When the seat is out tilt it back to the correct position and the belt will release and the seat will come back up.

The clever part in all this is why did it happen.

There is a small button fixed on the belt about 30 cm up from the end which stops the belt dissapearing into the seat. This has fallen off on my car so we riveted two washers onto the belt in the correct position. As long as they are wide enough not to fit through the slot it should work. Dont make the mistake of fitting the seat back before you do this like i did or you will have to take it out again.

I am sure this is not the first time this has happened but if you can get the correct socket spanner it can be done at home.
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