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REcently moved overseas for a company project. The 'G' was NOT ready to give me up for a new owner, so here we are. In a land where G500s aren't even a rare. They're just simply unavailable.

'03 G500 - Silver w/ Grey leather interior.
All stock, 'xept for the beefed up exhaust system! Close your eyes, it sounds just like the Batmobile ("...begins, of course). Man, *sigh* it's shallow, but nice.

I'm not sure if the looks I get are of awe or that of "uh...what is that thing?". One thing's for sure, when the rice-rockets hear that growl at idle, a switch just goes off in their heads. I tell ya, everybody wants a piece o' me.

My wife's got a black one back home and loves it dearly (2002 Black-0n-Black...*no comments please*, AMG Push bars & matching marker grills, AMG Rims). Maybe after seeing only mine for now, black just looks nicer whenever I'm home again. Got a couple of W124s, as well ('92 300D & 300E).

Alas, the drawbacks: Because of the G's current location, location, location,... It's tougher to find service, service, service!

But, oh the looks I get. It's all worth it.
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