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1985 300cd
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Greetings Im usually on that other site.
I parted two cars this yr and have lots of 300d anc CD stuff.
A perfect 123 Black Dash with manual climate matching wood and glove box
300d Nice palomino Door panels for and a clean rear seat
300cd nice parchment door and rear panels-rear sails have busted clip
1985 good front windshield and side glass
1983 good side glass front and rear
1983 CD good rear Glass-Perfect -No delamination
1983 300 cd good transmission from a 83 722.303
1984 280 CE euro 175 hp good transmission 722.309
Euro mesh wheels 14" nice tires
three chrome bundts not perfect but nice looking
oilcooler and lines 300d
300d or cd turbo radiator
and lots more smaller parts please ask for D's and CD's
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