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Hello friends of tuning,

on the SLK model change, R172, I was – as far as the design is concerned – disappointed. The car looks kind of composition: the front line borrowed features from the old Ford Mustang as well as the new Mercedes SLS, and at the rear there is essentially nothing new. The R171 model, however, has an original stand-alone styling. Clearly, some people like the nose, others do not like it. In fact, the R171 also has small stylistic weaknesses. Therefore, on my own R171/2005, I have made the following design improvements:
1. Step. Chassis lowering (springs by Eibach), gauge extension [ET of front axle: 21 mm and rear axle: 20 mm] (spacers by H&R), small rear spoiler lip (by Schätz) and side skirt flaps (by Piecha).
2. Step. The real highlight is the new front showing a somewhat aggressive appearance: the Avantgarde front spoiler lip (by Piecha) and the daytime running lights inserts (by Piecha) are matching perfectly and suit the overall concept:

After this modest retouching it still remains a R171, of course:

Above all, the modified front underscores the face of the R171 in a design at its finest:

The front spoiler lip, I've installed myself. This part is so outstandingly manufactured that – after application of the Elch-P1 adhesive – it fits 100%. Clearance all around: ca. 0.0 mm. The daytime running lights were inserted by Mercedes; the mechanics were enthusiastic by the result regarding design, function and quality.
This report is intended only as a small suggestion to R171 owners who like the “nose-concept”.

Best wishes and drive easy
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