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The Encyclopaedia Germanica Volume 107 (aka EGv107)

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The Encyclopaedia Germanica Volume 107

NLA Mercedes Parts Remanufacture Request
NLA Parts Remanufacture Request | Mercedes-Benz Forum (

Open MB Service Campaigns

C/R107 Front Sub-Frame Recall Information by isthisdave
Throttle Linkage Component Replacement by Cookie79

Service Literature
107 service manual by sokoloff
Online downloadable version of the MB-USA Service Manual CD
Service Literature by isthisdave
MBUSA Classic Center Technical and Service Literature ***
Factory Approved Service Products August 2007 *** Over 20 pages of approved liquids, pastes and lubes, etc for your 107 (and other M-B products)
Model 107 Maintenance Manual Index (
Model 107 (

High Mileage Award by nobby Everything you want to know about obtaining and installing your own grille badge.

For Sale or Want To Buy
Found this 107 on Craigslist/Ebay/etc, the BW107 For Sale and WTB Thread
Buyer Checklist Thread by JN74SL

Safely working under the car by mach4

Engine Assembly & Engine Management

(The EGv107 numbering system mirrors both the printed

MB Field Service Manual and the MB-USA Online Manual in sokoloff's link above)

00) General Technical Data
50th anniversary: 107 Production Numbers | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED May 6, 2021

MB-USA Model 107 Service Manual Library***
MB-USA Classic Center, Irvine CA
MB-Europe Classic Center***
MB-USA Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) (Not Mac compatible)
Mercedes VIN Decoder | Decode Your Mercedes-Benz VIN (
Interesting links for the 107 by Digmenow
Year and Mileage...Please by nobby
Insurance call out of the blue by ScottinSoCal
Recommended Repair Shops A BW board for listing or seeking repair shop recommendations
Components Locations Acronyms Pics by isthisdave(C.L.A.P.)
Mercedes-Benz SLC 107 series versions & types*** Specifications, Technical, and Performance Data
Mercedes-Benz SL 107 series versions & types*** Specifications, Technical, and Performance Data
** The Tool Loan Program**
Bolt Grade Markings and Strength Chart by reno4u2 ***
Parts Vendor Quality List ***
Guide to Mercedes Benz Vehicle Data Card Codes and Meanings by ricebubbles (W220 Forum)
MY 1979 - 1989 North America SL Owner's Manual PDF by ath20wj

01) Engine Block Assembly

03) Crankshaft
Oil Seals by cushjbc

05) Engine Timing, Valves
The Truth About Timing Chain Failures? by daveward
450 - M117 Timing Chain Replacement***
Timing Chain: A Visual Inspection by nobby
Timing Chain Slack and Cam Gear Replacement Question by maynardg
M110 Valve Adjustment by nobby
TIMING CHAIN, guide rail, tensioner, sprocket, pin puller VIDEO now streaming by PanzerPuff
Installation of 380 SL timing chain tensioner by Aussiemerc

07.3) Bosch K-Jetronic CIS Fuel Injection

Bosch D-Jetronic and K-Jetronic CIS Troubleshooting by Nutz 4 Benz courtesy of the W116 board
Bosch K-Jetronic CIS Overview by isthisdave
Bosch KE-Jetronic Overview by isthisdave
K-Jetronic Fuel Distributor Control Plunger and Diaphragm Pictures by cptbd (post #8)
CIS Fuel Injection Compilation of Data by romankrzy
Fuel System Service Procedure by BenzHacker
First Time attempt to check CIS pressures by Tony Barroso
K-Jet Fuel Volume Test Procedure by ctaylor738
Finally made my decision Finally made my decision by Pex
87 560SL KE Jetronic Fuel System Problems by RacerRich
K-Jetronic WITH Lambda Overview and Adjustment by Myndex
KE-Jetronic Lambda control (duty cycle check & adjustment) | Mercedes-Benz Forum (
WUR IDENDITY PDF Auxiliary Air Valve Overhaul - AAV | Mercedes-Benz Forum (

07.4) Bosch D-Jetronic Fuel Injection

Who rebuilds Djet components - Develop a BW list? | Mercedes-Benz Forum (
Bosch D-Jetronic and K-Jetronic CIS Troubleshooting by Nutz 4 Benz courtesy of the W116 board
Post #6 of Throttle Position Switch - Early D-Jets. by MBGraham
Pressure sensor adjustment by 450slcpilot with assist by MBGraham
MB Technical Data Manual Carbon Monoxide Specifications by lfedje
Auxilliary Air Valve/Air Slide Valve Deconstructed by rowdie
AAV? by brad131a4
couple cruise in pics and vaporlock question. by 1972SL350 (D-Jet Hot Start Vapor Lock)
The Comprehensive Illustrated Djet fuel injection system (72-75 350-450SL) Thread by The Proctologist
Early Mercedes Bosch D-Jetronic Training Manual(Download)
Bosch Manifold Pressure Sensor Disassembly | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED May 4, 2021
Auxiliary Air Valve Overhaul - AAV | Mercedes-Benz Forum (

07.5) Ignition System, Bosch D-Jetronic Fuel Injection*
Distributor Removal & Repair by MBGraham
PETRONIX and Other Electronic Ignition Conversion Threads | Mercedes-Benz Forum (
D-Jetronic Trigger Points (Pulse Generator) Rebuild | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED NOV 2021

* See Section 15 for post 1985 cars equipped with either Bosch K or KE equipped ignition sytems

09) Air Cleaner Assembly

13) V-Belts

14) Intake and Exhaust Manifolds

Nominate an Engine Assembly & Engine Management thread This link leads to an open thread for nominating a worthy thread for inclusion.​


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Chassis & Body

32) Suspension

Bilstein Shocks transform SL by NorCalSL
Upper Ball Joint Replacement by the lurker

33) Front Axle
C/R107 Front Sub-Frame Recall Information by isthisdave
Lower Control Arm Bushings Refresh by romankrzy
Subframe Gusset Reinforcement and Bushing Replacement by nobby
Subframe Gussets | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED JULY 2021
Detailed pictorial/description for removing subframe? by PanzerPuff
Upper control arms and lower ball joint boot. | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED OCT. 2022

35) Rear Axle

107 500SL Starting torque compensator bearings by Elrick
R&R Rear Subframe Mounts 560SL by 17thabn
83 380SL CV Axle Replacement by tdoriot
Rear Suspension Rebuild Done by Kevin Kemper

40) Wheels

PENTA RIMS WANTED part2 by nobby
Rims changeable with other models? by vasya100 Useful links in Posts #3 and #5
Wheels cleaning solution by Djenka018
Rims n Tires Spec Pro Comparison Tool ***

41) Transmission and Drivetrain

Into the Unknown With A Transmission by strife2
Flex Disc Discussion by nobby ◄◄◄ Required reading for everyone or double dumbass on you!
transmission mount change by mgrant
Differential Pinion Seal Replacement by RaceDiagnostics
560 SL ATF and Filter Change Tutorial by GlueckAuf
rear axle- limited slip fluid type by rockcrusher
Neutral/Park safety switch replacement by RaceDiagnostics
W107 Transmission Removal for Dummies by CaptainSLC
Added 03/26/2019
online ATE parts catalog | Mercedes-Benz Forum (

42) Brakes

Diagnosis of the 560SL ABS | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED 05/7/22
Knowledge of recent indie brake jobs? by Buckeye 560SL
The $20 DIY Brake Pressure Bleeder*** Thanks to Damsroy
Nobby's Even Cheaper DIY Brake Pressure Bleeder by Nobby
R107 - 560SL - brake job by slik560
Parking Brake Shoe Replace
Complete brake job video: pads, disks, bleeds, hoses 1980 450SL by PanzerPuff
Brake Pads and calipers for early 107s.
Modifying a Volvo ABS wheel speed sensor to fit a 107, 124, 126 etc. | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( JUNE 2021
online ATE parts catalog | Mercedes-Benz Forum (

46) Steering

Steering coupler replacement 380sl without removing steering gear by Tony Barroso
Steering box adjustment - What tool? by Nascar Fan
CAUTION! Steering Coupler replacement by rowdie
How to reseal a MB steering gear ***
Power Steering Fluid (for noobs like me) by oncebitter
Turn signals not canceling? by roncallo
Adjusted Steering Box to remove sloppyiness ... | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( NOV. 2022

47) Fuel Delivery System

Fuel System Service by BenzHacker
Troubleshooting the fuel pump relay by NormanB
The Vacuum Thread by nobby
Vacuum advance vacuum hose WTF!!!! by rgrady
Fuel Tank Strainer, Fuel Tank Insides, Swirl Pot, Return Line Venturi by isthisdave

49) Exhaust System

Oxygen Sensor Mod for Single Wire Sensors by Myndex
Muffler options or optional muffler? by PanzerPuff

Nominate a Chassis & Body thread This link leads to an open thread for nominating a worthy thread for inclusion.​
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The Encyclopaedia Germanica Volume 107_______________________________________Page 2

54) Electrical Equipment and Instruments

R/C107 Fuse Chart Compendium | Mercedes-Benz Forum (
Dental service for W107, teeth whitening 1982 to 1989 by yka
Steering Wheel Removal and Odometer Repair: Tutorial by nobby
Repair Your R107 Clock For $2.58 by GlueckAuf
SPEEDO REPAIR by skicoach (post #2)
Cure for Dim Turn Signal Indicators by GlueckAuf
Rating the Fuel Gauge by Skylaw
Warning indicator bulb replacement GenII by therling
Fuel sender repair by slowride
(1) OVP - basic function and test | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED Sept. 2022

67) Exterior
Rust, Body Drains And Your 107 by isthisdave This is a must read for anyone contemplating purchasing a 107
Mercedes Benz R107 Hard And Soft Top Instructions by isthisdave
Hard Top Stuck? My Fix! by 71_340
R107 Soft Top Replacement With PICS by nobby
Soft Top Folding And Stowage Pics by nobby
Front License Bracket (US) remove & replace / 3 post tutorial by Digmenow
chrome or aluminum ? by steve 86sl
Various Mercedes Color Codes by nobby
Color chart for R107s | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED June 2021
380SL with a Power Convertible Top by j360hn
Soft top window kit installation by cushjbc
The perfect finish for a classic Mercedes-Benz*** by Fish
Project Back-Up Release for Top by Peter 107
One Hour Bumper Tuck (Part1), Shorten Bumper Cover Saw Off Method (Part2) ... ... by cwmoser
Euro Bumper Installation..A Primer! by ozarkl1

68) Interior

Installing new wood in an SL by ScottinSoCal
refinishing console wood by dugald
Wood refinish project. by jjchones
MB TEX or Leather by noeljb
Where can I buy carpet by ulflei
Upholstery Installation by ScottinSoCal
Well hello Recaro, have a seat.... by 48hp
Gear Shift Knob Removal by Von Maximo (jump to strife2 post with step by step 560 instructions)
560SL door (wood) panel restoration by yka
(1) ALTERNATE 107 Sunvisor Mod | Mercedes-Benz Forum (
107 Visor Repair and Adjustment by roncallo
107 Oris Windscreen Repair by Nobby
Leather seat upholstery and interior make-over on a 560SL by PanzerPuff
Refurbished my sun visors.... | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED May 3, 2021
Headrest position | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED June 8, 2021

72) Doors
NEW DOOR SEALS - 1986 560SL by yka
window adjustment r107 380 sl | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED May 3, 2021
Replaced A-Pillar Rubber Seal - using URO part ... | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( ADDED Sept.10, 2021

80) Central Locking
81 380SL Door Lock Cylinders Won't Turn by tfvesquire

82) Body Electrical and Lighting

107 Lamp Part Numbers and Cross Reference | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( June 28, 2021
FUSE CHART by beavertonbenz
R/C107 Fuse Chart Compendium by MBGraham
Instrument cluster lights and sockets/tubes by kysdaddy
U.S. spec headlamps by tubbee
Getting More Light From Your Existing Headlights by ScottinSoCal
Hella H4 Upgrade Installation by white500se
Bixenon High Beam Upgrade Kits by ScottinSoCal
headlamp adjustment issues by RaceDiagnostics
Wiper Linkage Pivot Surgery--2d Opinions? by GlueckAuf
1978 thru 1981 - Turn Signal/Hazard Flasher Repair by Myndex
Best Euro Reflector Fix by bigsky
Wiper Transmission Pivot Point Repair How-to by Walt Williams
Wiring Diagrams by rockcrusher
Added 09/13/2017
Trunk light fix by RaceDiagnostics
Added 09/19/2017
Refurbishing Acculux Flashlight | Mercedes-Benz Forum (
Rebuilt my Antenna | Mercedes-Benz Forum ( Added 04/7/22

91) Seats and Seat Belts

Source for replacement seat belts? '82 380SL by 10kpharo Post number seven

Nominate a Chassis & Body thread This link leads to an open thread for nominating a worthy thread for inclusion.

*** indicates that a link is off BenzWorld.

107 DIY Page 2[/CENTER]...
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The Encyclopaedia Germanica Volume 107_______________________________________Page 4

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107 Performance

Das Ah Em Gee Gruppe (The AMG Group)
How Many 107 AMGs Here? by Rowdie
AMG pre-merger 107 Bits by 48hp
AMG Catalog from 1985 Online by Smack
1988 560SL 6.0 2v AMG by mb-maniac
380SLC AMG w/6.0L M117
350SLC AMG w/7.3L M100 5spd

107.026 450SLC.5.0 And 500SLC

(content suggestions welcome)
5.0/500 SLC Photos by Steve Guilford
107.026 Registry*** by Steve Guilford
Sold the 450SL... pick up the replacement tomorrow week.. by Fotografa
SLC convertible? by 72SL350 (Fonzi's 450SLC 5.0 Cabriolet conversion)
1978 450 SLC 5.0 by dgosh28
1979 450 SLC 5.0 RESCUED FROM A BARN!! by JetPauls 107.026

Damn Brake Dust - by Fiorano

Engine / Drivetrain
The Making of Samson Worlds First V-12 107 by roncallo
Installing a 4 speed into a V8 107 by Roncallo
Some guidance on converting 1973 450SL to a manual transmission by electroshock
Survey of Engine Bay Clearance for Tri-Y Custom Header Fitment by BenzHacker
1984 MB 380SL LS1+4L60E Conversion by SVS_Muffler_Shop
280SL "K-Jet and Ignition conversion to Megasquirt" write up by Pex

Bilstein Shocks transform SL by NorCalSL

Wheels and Tires

Wheel Offset and Tire Size Calculator***
Mercedes-Benz Wheel Size Chart*** courtesy of Abiby
Wheels that will fit a 107 (early years) by Fonzi
How Much Tire Can You Stuff In There? - REARS by Fonzi
One more BBS RS restoration project by yka
So I found these wheels for sale... by VicSkimmr
Classic Mercedes fans, 15-inch versions of the original 14-inch “bundt” style wheels by rowdie

Ultimate SL Stereo by CavallinoRed
107 AUDIO THREAD by nobby

Nominate a 107 Performance thread This link leads to an open thread for nominating a worthy thread for inclusion.

*** indicates that a link is off BenzWorld.

107 DIY Page 4
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Terms Of Use.

Nominate a Terms Of Use thread This link leads to an open thread for nominating a worthy thread for inclusion.

*** indicates that a link is off BenzWorld.

107 DIY Page 5[/CENTER]...
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