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1998 ML320
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OK, a long time ago I broke the overhead light switch, couldn't find all the little parts in the white switch. Wired it up so it came on when the door opened and so on. Learned to live with it. One day I find a console on e-bay which includes the trip computer, already have one so I figure I have a spare or sell it to recoup the $49 fee. Change out the switch harness, put it back in and the back-light for the trip computer is dead. Go to Radio Shack and pick up bulbs, solder them in (thanks to all the posts on this forum) and all is well. Well almost, now the lights don't flash when I lock the car with the remote. Pulled the fuse(s) for various time limits and it works once or twice then back to no flash. It's not the hood switch, I tested it.
Can taking the trip computer out and putting it back in screw up the anti tow sensor? I have to turn it to OFF and then the lights flash. All this to replace one little plastic switch. I have a spare switch if anybody's interested.

Also suffered sudden serpentine belt idler pulley failure on I84, AAA to the rescue.
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