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Re: Re: It's not that bad...

..but then again, never has ANY car company nose dived from 1st place to 25th place in a matter of 15 years. That is unbecoming of MB, and inexcusable.
Also you are correct, the M-class, mostly made in the USA had a massive share of problems that gave MB a bad wrap, but a well deserved one.
Absolutely correct. I was shocked to see that MB quality is lower than a Ford or Cadillac. The first time i saw the ML at chicago auto show (i think in 97), i knew MB quality was going down the drain pipe.

Recently, Road & Track gave the new E55 a 4 thumbs up. It being better than a Z06 vette in power and stopping. But agian, all prejuidices aside, BMW M5 and new generation 5 series ('04) will put the E class on the side.

MB board of directors seem to be more concentrating on making $$$.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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