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The car runs for five seconds then stalls

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I have a 1974 Mercedes 450 SL that runs for exactly 2 to 5 seconds and then stalls consistently… Any thoughts?
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So sounds like you have bad new injectors? Did you do the resistance check?
Agreed. Flow check on the individual injectors would be a good idea. Even if you can hear them firing, they may not be spraying properly.

New or reconditioned injectors?

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After switching the injectors as indicated the problem followed the injectors as I suspected. Now the functioning cylinders include numbers five, eight, three and four. The eight injectors included six new and two reconditioned.
Basically, the car is operating on four cylinders and actually develops 15 inches of vacuum…which is surprising.
Also, I obviously replaced the injector seals the (upper and lower). However, I did not replace:

Shame on me for not doing so
Upon further review, it appears that the injector sleeve that I listed above pertains to a California spec car? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Also, is it possible to obtain the original “top hat” seals?
This is the seal that I’m looking for as opposed to the “makeshift “ O ring

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This is the seal that I’m looking for as opposed to the “makeshift “ O ring

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Thank you very much for the response. I noticed that listing, however, it appears slightly different and the 107 body style is not listed

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That may not be correct. EPC says the top hat seal for an early Djet like my 72 is part # 1160780473


By the way, these are the only seals. There is a rubber clamping bung up above, but that is not a seal.

Hopefully the injectors all have a plastic pintle seal fitted over the metal tip. The above top hat seals are designed to have these in place.

By the way, how are you checking to see that an injector is firing or a cylinder is functioning?
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