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The C230 group buy alloy pulley is now available for $350

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To order call toll free 1.877.928.8678, operators are standing by...
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details, please<br>
Install tool requirement?<br>
How agressive a boost? <br>
Use original belt?<br>
vs. $900 Kleeman kit, $2000 Brabus?<br>
Thanks, BC
Here's installation instructions

The pulley requires you get a 6 rib 56' belt available at most auto supply stores (ie. Pep Boys) for under $20. For the 6-spd no power tools or lift is required. Takes about an hour. And air impact gun is required for an auto trans car. This is a unique pulley and is hard to compare as most of the pulley kits I've seen are either rings bolted on (Kleemann, Carlson, Renntech) or rings that are welded on (Vaeth, H&S). There's a distinct performance advantage to a lighter one piece pulley. Kleemann is testing one to compete with the ASP pulley and my guess is that it will be comperable. They do already have one for the C230K sedans and older SLK230s that works really well but that's a different pulley layout and won't work on the Coupe.<br> <br>
Re: Here's installation instructions

Just ordered, thanks
Oops, I meant 56" belt not a 56' belt.
Can the dealership tell you have changed this pulley or is it indistinguishable?<br> [email protected]
The pulley is black and round like the factory pulley, just bigger so it's not obvious. To even see the pulley you would have to remove the air filter box (not just the air filter) and that's not likely done during routine service. Even from underneath it's hard to see because there's a large frame crossmember right below the pulley so they would have to be looking for it. Open the hood and see for yourself. Even if they did, the question would be would they make a note of it or care. The closest they will come to noticing it is when the belts get old at about 50K miles and need replacing but by then the warranttee if over so who cares. I love my dealer but I can't even get them to do an oil change correctly without it involving multiple trips so I think they are morons and wouldn't notice anything different.<br> <br> If you want them to notice, ASP can make the pulley hot neon pink for you!
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