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1987 420 SEL
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Greetings fellow Benz lovers. It’s been while since I’ve posted anything as I have been busy doing all the “not so much fun stuff” that we all find ourselves having to do.

I’m planning a move and will not be able to bring “the old Benz” with me so it’s time to sell her. She’s an 87 420 SEL with approx 290 K on it. I’ve had the car for around 5 years and have been working on rebuilding her the entire time. When I bought the car, the entire top end had been rebuilt (the old timing chain explosion deal) and we also replaced anything that was not up to snuff at the time. 2 years ago I installed a new rebuilt transmission and I also replaced almost all of the front end suspension components as well. New shocks, new euro headlights, aftermarket sound system with all new speakers. I also acquired a nice donor car about 18 months ago – the same year and model with identical interior - and have been transferring parts over on a regular basis. Everything inside the car looks real nice now. The car has a new radiator and a cool Benz factory leather steering wheel from a newer model Benz. (with airbag) Air conditioning works great – real cold. The car could certainly use a coat of paint but does not have any exposed metal or rust anywhere. The only thing that does not work is the sunroof but the donor has a fully working sunroof if someone may be inclined to switch over the parts.

There is a photo in my avatar but please feel free to email me if you want more pics.

I’m looking for $ 3,800.0 for this car which I feel is a good price considering all I have invested in this baby. I live just south of Charlotte, NC if anyone is interested or knows somebody that may be looking for a car like this. This price includes the donor car.

Thanks for looking.

Paul Roza
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