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Thanks ALL and Happy New Year 2023!

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I joined this W220 forum 2 years ago to seek initial advice about a ‘mystery’ ADS Hard Damping issue, to which many of you responded with kind & helpful replies. That’s 'work in progress' still…

Since then: I’ve posted here about other W220 queries / issues of various types. Each time, you have responded with helpful, respectful advice & support when my local (UK) Mercedes main dealer & Indies have often either not taken my problems seriously nor failed to resolve them after massive expense. You are ‘Streets Ahead’ of many UK Indies technically and (more important?) in terms of taking an interest in all things W220.

So: just to say a big THANK YOU for your continuing help & support here. (y)

Best Wishes to you (and your families) for a Safe, Happy & Healthy 2023 wherever you are in the World - and ‘To be Continued’;)

Mark Benjamin
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Thank you Mark,and thanks and happy new year to everyone here.
Ari (alias Arhippa)
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