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Thank you

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[:)]I would like to thank all of the posters on this site[:)]

I ordered my Caspian Blue SLK 350 in mid-December with all the accessories. The only thing I asked my dealer for was the wind screen after I placed the order due to reading many of the posts. I feel its going to be worth it. My VIN day is 25 February, and the car is due mid-March.

Reading the posts each day has provided comfort in my days of waiting. Kind of funny I never felt this way about a car before. It’s almost like a new member of the family is coming.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you and keep the posts coming.
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Ours is Caspian Blue as well. We selected Ash for the interior. We were a little uncertain about the color since all we could work from was a small color chip. It really appealed to us, however, and we placed our order. We've had "Kaspar" for a couple of months now (about 1500 miles) and couldn't be happier with both our color choice and the car itself. Caspian Blue is a real "color changer" and shifts in hue according to the way the light hits it. Beautiful!!! Hang in there. The wait is definitely worth it.

Carol & John
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