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I read your email early today, but was not able to respond until now after an extremely busy day. Some days just seem to never end.

You have confirmed what I suspected was almost a certainty. Rust will return to do its evil deeds under the hood. I must repeat a prior message posted by me. Vintage vehicles this age require tender care, considerable attention and substantial sums of money to keep them running reliably.

Some of the fuel system repairs are only temporary. The real solution is a time machine that could return us to younger days of a trouble-free existence. Alas, our vehicles are the time machines we seek. My other vintage vehicle is a Fiat sadly plagued by an unforgiving rusty age. When I ride in that gem, I am reminded of my youthful years as a college student, both undergraduate and graduate, struggling to build a future filled with prosperity.

However much trouble our vehicles may be, this forum is a blessing ready to offer hope and assistance. Thanks to the veteran members on here who uphold the pillars of support. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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Feather..I think my situation was typical of cars sitting for long periods. I didn't know what a FD was a year ago..even though this is my 4th 450. The guys on this Forum guided me on my project. I have experience with fuel cells, race cars, etc...and have never been a fan of any "liner" in a fuel tank. I bought a tank on Ebay, clean and complete with good sender and expansion tank ..including shipping for $400. I guess that was the "worry price " for me. I wanted to do it right...once..I had my FD and WUR rebuilt by a filter and strainer...problem solved...
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