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I have recently had my '93 300E completly re-audio'd...Alpine CD/Sattelite head, Sirius, 4" JL coax in the front, 5-1/4" coax in the rear, 8" JL sub in the rear deck, 1 250W amp for the interior speakers, 1 600W amp for the sub....expensive but the sound in incredible!!!

Now, it's time to replace those hideous, 2 ohm door speakers that get ALL the sound out of the 4 ohm system. But, because they are shallow, there's really only 1 speaker choice that will allow for modification-free installation...Kickers Resolution, 5" or possibly 6.5"...these are midbass speakers (50-5.0k frequency).

Question...does anyone know what the frequency level is for the stock door speakers? [?]

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