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Temperature sensor location?

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Anyone know where the outside temperature sensor location is for the dashboard display? My C240 reads 185 degrees now, all the time. Wonder if a wire came loose?<br>
Thank you.
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I believe you will find the sensor in the passenger side fog light assembly. It is a little black nub about in the center of the plastic trim that the light is mounted in. I'm not sure how easy it is to get to the backside of it to check the wiring.<br> <br> David
Thanks David, I will check it out.
David, you were correct about the location. I pulled the liner off from the lower wheel/foglight area to access the sensor. It was located behind and slightly above the passenger side foglight. It is mounted in a small bracket and is a plastic piece about 4 inches long. The harness just needed to be reconnected and now all is well.<br>
Thanks again.
yea it was to close to the engine. My fiancee's car was doing this.. here we are 8 years later from this original post and still having issues.
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