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Good day,,

My 1988 500SEL has a temp. reading problem.. the temperature sometimes climbs to 100 or 110 on the gauge, but using an electic temperature probe, it showed barely 80.

When i turn off the car and leave the ignition on, it suddenly drops around 5 deg. once started, it shows +5 again... a slight revving on neutral cuses the gauge to drop 5 to 8 degrees.. IS the temp sensor fried? or maybe i have overheatin problem...

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Thx 4 the reply man.. Well, my fan is set to turn on at 87 deg..

Ther is no loss of power at all. Just a high reading, while it is still possible to touch the radiator hoses comfortably, and the engine's fan blows mild air...
The thing is , i changed the thermostat a month ago :) .. well mild air means yes not too hot.

Anyway ill try changing the temp. sender// Altho im not that convinced [:D]

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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