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Tell me everything you know about this vintage Mercedes I just aquired....

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I just aquired a 1962 Mecedes Benz 220S Heckflosse (Fintail).

This car has yellow rectangular foglamps in the front with guards. Where these optional and factory fitted?

The engine is a 4 cylinder and not a 6 cylinder. Did 220s's come out with a 4 cylinder as well?

How many w111 220s's did they make?

Thanks in advanced!
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Yea I was also looking for the same information. I would love to know about this. Anything would help.
Go to www dot heckflosse dot nl for a good rundown about these cars.
Take your VIn to a dealer and ask them to check it up for you.
OR maybe order a production-certificate (or what they call it..)
The foq lights do not want to light up! I am turning the light switch twice and pushing it out as well but all for nothing. Am I doing something wrong? thanks

Those are not factory. They would have been round.
Total production was 161,119 units from 1959-1965 for the 220S.
Cost was $5,120 in 1962, East Coast.
The car should have a six cyl engine. It's a '1st version', with drum brakes, single circuit barkes, a remotely mounted power booster, a ventilation flap on the firewall above the engine. Usually only manual trans were available but some had the hydrak semi-automatic trans, a torque converter and a manual trans.

Please post the chassis number which is on a plate screwed to the radiator support and also stamped on the front chassis frame rail on the inake/exhaust side. It starts with 111012 and goes from there.

I'dl like to see some pics of the car including the engine and what model engine is in there.
Ok I have been working for quite a few hours on my heckflosse. Have studied and understood a little bit more about this vintage piece.

Got an electrician and sorted out the fog lamps for me. Turned out top be a cut wire.

The engine is not it's original 2.2lt but a 200D engine. 4 cyclinder I believe.

Car has been owned by only two before me. Leather seats have been sealed by plastic from day one. never been touched by anything.

The previous colour was dark green.

That's all I got to know now.

Couple of questions.

is the fire extinguisher original? did this same engine ever come out on the finny? Originally, was it supposed to be a 2.2ltr 6 cylinder petrol engine?

Here's some pics by the way. Don't mind the abscense of the filter on the left, been taken off from respray.

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Yes, it would have been a 6-cylinder petrol engine. Designated as the M 180 engine. 124 hp at 5200 rpm. Your 200D engine has 60 hp at 4200 rpm. Mileage is much better of course at a lower speed. You may get in the range of 23 mpg. Tank holds 17 gallons.
Yes 220S designates M180 2.2 6 cyl. SOHC motor. Your was fitted with a replacement motor at som point. probably a newer injected version according to the pictures.. Yours is the very desireable euro spec. model. I would kill fo ryour headlamps. I have the 50 state US version with the 4 sealed beam round lamps. not nearly as pretty looking.
Please look at the additional pics here below showing some of my upgrades on the merc.

My custom ordered radio nobs have just arrived finsihed in gold and with a large crystal filling. Feedback is welcomed :)

I also bought a new fire extinguisher to further add character to the cabin.

The steering shift knob has been re-varnished. However this came way darker then the surrounding wood in the cabin. Does it look funny or does it blend in with the rest?

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...Your pics bring back memories. Ours was a Euro spec. '64 220SE: powder blue w/blue cloth interior and four "on the tree". I always felt that car was quicker and lighter on its feet than the coupe from that same year that we still own. " Road and Track" did a road test for the SE (Bosch fuel injected) version of your car for its April 1960 issue (they did the coupe in November of 1961).
Al T.
Australian Built

Which country are you in? ,because that finny is an Australian Built car and one of the very earliest too. It had BEHR air conditioning at one time and it's a real shame it is no longer there ( very valuable $$$). The Bench seat is a special order as nearly all the Finnys have single front seats.
The gear shift is normally a small white plastic thing but seeing as yours is going to be pretty slow you need to be able to change gears a lot. :)
If it were mine i would dump that 2 liter diesel and fit a 300 D from a W123 etc . A lot more civilised and more powerful . I have a very good 220S engine and trans here if you want to restore the car to standard one day. Cheers!.
I'm from Malta. A little island in the Mediteranean, just off Italy. It is home to many classic vehicles.

So this mercedes was built in Australia and had aircondition?

Can you tell me more about this car. I know that the original colour was dark green.
Those BOSCH horns look as if they are from a later model. The originals were much larger and had a silver "BOSCH" nameplate in the center.
Anyone can comment on my custom radio knobs? They do wobble slightly when turning the knobs. Guess I am very very strict on small details!
I believe that I have one of those same Pioneer radio/cassette units in my pile of parts, should I send it to you? It is silver faced.
Just aquired another mercedes w111 however the 220SE model. It's LHD and needs a totally new floor. I was swapping all the better parts on my RHD mercedes I was keeping however still keeping the LHD as a whole car. Not sure what i'm going to do with it though.

Regarding the aircondition? did it actually have aircondition? funnily enogh i went to start it up and it WORKED!!! It actually was cool air coming out but that maybe be me imagining again!!

I also swapped the LHD fog lights. They just where gorgeus and in mint condition Halogens (IPO brand). Are these original?
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nice cars! was it me or did that pic of the engine show the air filter disconnected. It kind of looked like the air filter bin thing wasn't hooked up to the intake, maybe you just had it apart though?
nice cars! was it me or did that pic of the engine show the air filter disconnected. It kind of looked like the air filter bin thing wasn't hooked up to the intake, maybe you just had it apart though?

Yes, i've dismantled the air cleaner to to paint it. Now it's on again :)
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