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1999 C280
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Hi Guys,

So a little background. I currently own a 99 C280 (since 2015) that I LOVE...but she is starting to rust bad on some spots and mechanically, she runs close to perfect but has issues once in a while with a misfire CEL that I can't quite figure what it is....

I sitll love the pep of the car and look. The engine is built like a TANK also.

I was thinking of moving on to a c36 AMG because I love the body style so much. Moving from my 99 to a C36, would you recommend it or caution against it? How is maintenance for this car? Finding parts? Is it interchangeable with the c280? Like Motor Mounts for example.

What issues should i look for if I do get more serious in buying one? Oil leaks? How hard is maintenance with changing plugs? I know with the design of the C280 it was a pain in the ass. Anything else you can think of?

Thank you in advance, guys!
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