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Taking in for last FSS

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So I'm taking the car in for its last FSS on Friday. Also to fix the trunk and a cup holder.

Anything I should have them do?

I'm going to get an extended warranty, but AFAIK I still have a year of starmark left, but I need to buy the extended when then factory runs out and not the warranty.

Any input would be appreciated.
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I got the service records from the dealer that had been servicing my SLK and they never did any of the fluid flushes or extra items when they should have during the B service. According to the service records book that comes with the owners manual, they are supposed to accomplish the following items, but they have to write them up as a seperate ticket (i.e. not incluuded in B service):

2080-Replace coolant (every 3 years)
Water/anticorrosion/antifreeze mixture

2 Year Items:
4280-Replace brake fluid
0090-Inspect suspension and body structure
9850-Inspect body for paint damage

4 Year Items:
4256-Check control cables for parking brake for easy movement
4152-Check condition of drive shaft flex discs
4671-Retighten steering gear bolts
0780-Fuel filter: Replace
4751-Check condition of fuel filler nozzle seal in fuel filler neck, replace if damaged
-------Air filter: Replace elements

They should still be included in your warranty (I think), you just have to make sure that they write up the service request correctly so it all gets done. The dealer I am using said he can only do them under warranty if they are done at the same time as the A or B service. Hope that helps.
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