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1966 200D
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Hey Folks,
I am having some issues with my tail lights. The car is a 1966 200D. I recently got the car after it had been parked for 5 years. The previous owner claimed that all of the lights on the car worked, as he used the car as his daily driver. Currently all lights throughout the car work aside from the tail lights. I don't have a wiring diagram for the car, and have no idea where to get one, so I'm sort of flying blind.

Things I know:
-All fuses at the fuse block under the dash are good and are getting electricity.
-The wiring appears to be stock and unmodified.
-There are five bulbs all together. 5 large, 2 small.
-None of the large tail light bulbs work. I have no idea which is what. I assume the ones closest to the center are tail lights, the centers are reverse lights, and the outers are signals. Correct? I have no idea what the small bulbs are.
-One of the small bulbs on the left hand side works. It is always on when the ignition is on.
-The only sockets on the plug that plugs into the tail light housing getting electricity are the emergency flashers (when flasher switch is on) and the one small bulb on the left hand side.
-The turn signals on the front of the car blink with the emergency flasher knob on, but not with the signal lever up or down.
-The brake light switch doesn't work, but I closed that circuit by unplugging the wires at the switch and touching them together. This still did not give me electricity at the tail lights.

This to me would suggest that there is a break in the wiring somewhere in the car, and that only one or two of the wires is still intact. Correct? Can anyone tell me where the wiring loom runs from the tail lights to the front, and is it accessible? Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram? It would make my life MUCH MUCH easier! Thanks for any info. I am really falling in love with this old jalopy.
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