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Tahoe/Reno's on.

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Howdy All,
It looks like we're going to do a Tahoe/Reno Mogfest.

Dates and times: 19th-21st June. We'll be there on the night of the 18th if anyone wants to come early.

Place: Camping (tent and RV) at Tahoe Valley Campground. Camping in High Sierra, California

The runs will be solidified as the snow melts and we pre-run them. We're thinking a short hopefully safe "tuning" run on Friday sometime and then two seperate runs on Saturday (Possible run to the Observation Point on the Rubicon Trail for one and another with less possible damage).

We need to know "a real count" of folks that are planning to come so we can get a discount on the camp spots. Rod has been in contact with the campground and they'll keep us together as a group. Sooooo, the sooner the better for letting us know. Our contact information is below for questions. If it's bigger than two trucks may be Joe might jump in for assistance with the internet side. Our plan would be to see how it goes then bounce it from Tahoe to Reno to Virginia City or where ever.

Rod MacLean

Chas Stricker

More information to follow.
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Excellant! We have started getting interest from the "exchange" list also. We will disseminate more information as we get it.
Update: We have 10 sites (5 tent and 5 RV) reserved as of now. Tents are about $35 a night and RVs are about $45 per night. Rod and I will be there Thursday if anyone wants to come early. Group name is Mogfest. Have a great day,

Howdy All,
Well number one is in the books and done. We had a good showing of people and our vendors kicked some serious food making butt! I appreciate all that Rod did to help and make it work. He still is "fuel challenged" and needed the first assistance (thanks go out to Ron actually carrying extra fuel). He also has "truth" issues, after telling us of a "little warm-up" trail that he and the Hi-Lows "repaired". I needed to surgically remove my seat after going up the "warm-up" hill.

We had about 10 rigs for the Rubicon trip and did it with little issue. Little issue other than more of the previously mentioned surgical issues. It seemed that many people coming out didn't know what to do with Unimogs on their trail.

I'm sure others will have more to say and we'll try to get all the pictures in one site.

Thanks to all and see you next year,


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Chas Stricker said:
.... we'll try to get all the pictures in one site. ...
Per request by Chas; Aaron; webmaster of Mog Message Exchange, has created a gallery/Album just for this event. I believe it is presently setup so anyone can upload pics member or not, but I'm not sure. You might have to join MME to do so... but I dont think so.

Note: If non members can upload pics, I suspect the non membership uploading will be shut down before too long to cut off the spammers and virus uploaders so MOVE ON THIS QUICK

This is the place to upload:

Unimog Discussion and Archive Search :: Album

Below link is how to put pics from any gallery/Album into an MME post/message after they are in the album. Done thru MME and will require membership sorry. This is a great way to discuss individual pics that are located in the Gallery/Album rather it be from this trip or anything else. You can use img tags for any photo in an album not just your own.

Unimog Discussion and Archive Search :: View topic - How to post an image link from a gallery on

DON'T FORGET TO ALSO PUT a URL link for those who only use the mail list. They wont get sent to their mail the image you use tags with so add the link to it so they can pop over to the image being discussed.

for non MME users... this is will be more easily viewed via MME so if you've been wavering...... this might be a good time to sign up.

[u]A side note about signing up for mme.[/u]

Am seeing now lots of little spam/Ads are being added to bottom of emails these days. See them from Hotmail, yahoo etc etc. Using MME to do your posting to the mail list keeps these little spam notes from being sent to all the users of the mail list.

FWIW.... there is now approaching 500 users of MME
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Thanks George and Aaron,
Hey everyone it was great to meet each of you and I look forward to our next trip! Here is the link to the Mogfest rubicon video. Because of song copy right issues I'm no longer posting on youtube so get it off my mobile me account before I take it offline and enjoy! I will be posting my Rubicon run hopefully by this weekend. We'll see how much editing time I get.

Mogfest 09 :)

MobileMe Gallery
Hey everyone it was great to meet each of you and I look forward to our next trip! Here is the link to the Mogfest rubicon video. Because of song copy right issues I'm no longer posting on youtube so get it off my mobile me account ....
Is there anywhere you can put it NOT as a Quick Time file? Quick time movie player program is horrid at taking over your computer. Refuse to even install it these days.
Nice video Dan, I thought it was cool that after we went back to Tahoe and you went on to Buck Island we could talk on the 2Meter ham. That is a great repeater system they have in the Rubicon.
Great video Dan. You must have the Cadillac Mog with that nice smooth video. Pm me with where you want the shirt. I'll do the order Friday or early next week. Looking forward to next year. Good meeting you finally,
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