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Table Hinges. Part Number needed

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Does anyone have the part number for the two hinges on the table cover?

I have spone with main dealer and they cannot find the part number.

If anyone has "fixed" these in the past, any info would be appreciated.

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I'd rather repair than replace.

I have also been reading some bad things about some of the sellers on Ebay.

The parts must only be a few quid, and should only take a few minutes to replace.

I have been advised by the local dealer that I need to contact a commercial Mercedes dealer for the part number.
Still no luck, commercial dealer can only find number for the whole table.

Has anyone ordered these before?

I've come to the same conclusion.

I will take to the local hardware merchant, and see if they have anything similar.

Shouldn't be a hard fix, but would rather have put the original parts on to save fannying about.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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