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Bought a 2007 R350, Florida car with 12,000 miles on it in cherry condition like new. PO did oil change (Mobil 1) and tire rotation at 9000 miles, but seems nothing else has been done. My first 1000 miles have been great -- runs like a top. Now at 13000 miles which is the "first" published critical service interval.

Plan to do an oil change and tire rotation at 16500.

Question 1: If this car was yours, to what would you be attending at 13000 miles?

Question 2: Regardless, any maintenance recommendations on a 6 year old R350, barely used until earlier this year?


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wow that is a find!
lets see.. well you should be changing the oil every year I think. it will degrade due to corrosive effects and moisture.
Other things I can think of are
brake fluid change DIY
fuel filter change DIY
transmission fluid and filter change this is a dealer item. not cheap.
Perhaps a coolant change as well.
You may also want to check air filters and cabin filters. DIY.
Not that they may have passed lots of air but for bugs and other possible foreigners. The car may have sat a lot.
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