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Symptoms of failing/ed transmission mount on W210

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Hi all.
2000 E320, 65K miles, well maintained, just changed tranny oil and filter the second time.
By the way the procedure described in the DIY section where the tranny cooling line is detached and the old oil is flowing into a plastic container is a delight to do.
No need to put the transmission in gear at all, but make sure when the bottle is full stop the engine otherwise there will be oil everywhere.
When the engine is running so does the tranny oil pump.

I had a bad case of shot engine mounts (one was leaking oil badly, the other was sitting about an inch lower then the new one), so had them replaced yesterday ($120 for labor for both, I thought it was a great price).

I was told that the transmission mount also needed replacement which I opted to do myself.
However, with the new engine mounts the car seems to be running just fine (no more shaking) save for a very slight vibration and occasional misfire (I just changed the MAF on Monday).

My question is what are the obvious symptoms of a bad transmission mount?
I have the new mount already, I am just wondering if I should spend that hour changing it?

On my old W124 it was pretty obvious when the mount failed, strong, loud clunking sound (different from a missing shifter bushing) when I put the transmission in gear, obviously I don't hear that now hence the question.

Thanks a lot.


I have never needed to change engine mounts on the 2 very high mileage (over 200K miles on each) W214s, why is the w210 prone to this problem at relatively low mileage?
Mine has only about 65K miles on it.
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