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Sylvia has had a low RPM idle problem since before I picked her up at Bondavi's place. Bondavi told me he thought the plastic connectors and the plugs might be bad. This is the first time I have had this week to check her out.

Today I started her up and then pulled off the Air Box and began to look around at what might be going on. First thing I saw was the air tubes both were stress cracked at the "T" where the plastic connectors plug in. Not badly, just 3 stress cracks over the radius from the tube to the connector on the "T''s.
I squirted Carb cleaner on them and VOILA! the RPM rose. Tried it again to be sure none had gotten into the Air metering horn and the same thing happened on both sides.
Then I tried squirting carb cleaner around the ICV rubber elbows and the RPM rose again. this appears to be leaking at the elbow/air plenum junction.
All new rubber air tubes and plastic connectors will be ordered shortly as will the ICV elbows.

I am almost sure that with the 3 leaks fixed, the problem will go away.
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