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Swirl flap motor clip.

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I bought the 2005 Mercedes e320 cdi with 111,000 on it 2 years ago and it's been an awesome car. But with in the last 2 months it goes into limp mode after a minute of driving or I crack it down. It still drives smooth just no power. I put a scanner on it and I will get code p2015, deleted it a few times but comes right back. I can move the arm of the swirl flaps with a screwdriver with out a problem and moves smoothly. So just thinking it's the motor for the flaps gone bad. Ok I am good with that bc I was going to plug in the resistor to bridge the two wires. But... I cant figure out how the to get the clip off the motor it has to be in the worst spot. Almost as bad an changing an alternator on a new Fiat (kids car and what a crappy design). But any help would be great full. And would it harm the car driving it in limp mode?

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I've unplugged my Swirl Flap motor and bypassed it what a 4.7om resistor now for about 5 year and this year I started going into limp home mode a lot but after shutting off the engine and starting it back up I got my turbo back again. I ended up taking out the old resistor and doubling up and bending it better so my plug will have better contact and I've not had the limp home mode come back on.
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