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Hi everybody!!

This seems to be the place to visit since here are plenty to read for a (soon) GLK 220CDI 4-MATIC owner to be. MB is simply the best so for now I will read every interresting topic possible. By the way before I was hooked on the GLK a lot of testdriving was done with X3 (old version, way to much tarmac noise) Q5 2.0D (pretty good runner up but lame design) Volvo XC60 2,4D (lot of engine noice + thirsty) Freelander 2 TD4 (felt like driving yello in every turn, I felt sea sick).
A GLK really stands out from the crowd and my wife said "I really love to drive that car". Case closed!
Diesel you wonder, well with the milage on every dieseldrop and the low end grunt (400 NM /1400-2800 rpm) this car really takes off for a flying start.
Thats it for now. More will follow in 4 weeks when I get my hands on this gem.
Sweden over and out!!
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