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Swapping Master Cylinders - Is It Possible/Necessary?

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Hi all,

I recently have been experiencing brake firmness problems and I need to ask a few questions regarding this.

When I brake, sometimes the brake feels perfect, like new, and it has only been 10 months since I replaced the pads, rotors, sensors etc. But sometimes three stops later, I feel the pedal loosen up, sometimes to the point where I worry it is not gonna stop. Then randomly it will firm up, all in the same trip. I can't tell when it is gonna cooperate.

So after reading a few posts it seems as though the master cylinder might be the culprit or the vacuum hose. All in all, if it is the cylinder, I was wondering if anyone had put in a stronger m/c? If it needs changing I might as well go "all out" :thumbsup:

I am also looking to get bigger brakes for my 400E and was looking at the 500E 320mm and possibly the 334mm setup. But if I do go bigger, do I really need to put in a bigger m/c? Will the one for mine suffice? I would like to know so when the time comes, I can do it right the first time! hehe

I was looking online and it seems that some of the 400E's have the same or close to the same m/c as the 500E and 500SL. I have a chart that shows all the m/c part numbers and which cars they were applied to, but I am still a little confused.

So if I do go with the 320mm or even the 334mm "big brakes" will I need to get different lines/booster/pins/etc. or is it just direct bolt on?

I have found almost no posts on this subject so any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I did the same 600sl set up and used the booster and m/c from a w140 - s320
My cousin did the install. From what I recall, he had to drill 2 new mounting holes. Other than that it fit.
I'm not an expert on the subject, but it can't hurt to go to a newer version or step up with respects to the M/C and booster.
You should contact chrisdpham, he put C32 brakes on his E420. They're a little larger than the Silver Arrow brakes. If he left the M/C and booster alone then he would have better advice.
Also GSXR (or AMGDAVE I can't remember what his username is here) also has a lot of experience on this subject.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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