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2014, Mercedez A180 CDI AMG
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Hi, sorry if this in the wrong forum but I couldn’t find anywhere else to post !!

We are intending to convert our UK registered 2014, A180 (W176) CDI to Spanish plates and in order to satisfy Spanish requirements we need to change the rear fog light from the right to the left (or keep both on).
I've bought a LHD rear left light cluster which has six pins at the back as opposed to five from the original cluster (obviously the sixth will be the fog light)
My question is, would it be a simple matter of disconnecting the pin from the right cluster and attaching to the left, or connecting the left fog light to the right (having both on)? Will doing this produce code errors?
Thanks in advance for any answers, opinions or experiences


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Welcome to BW casakidd,

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