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Swapping a comand unit...

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Hi my comand unit is out dated meaning they don't have any upgrades for it or simply can't be upgraded as per what the dealer told me at MB. My phone nor my navigation works which is odd because the unit has the buttons for it but don't seem to work or have any setup for it. I was wondering if it's possible to swap out a comand unit from a 2006 ML350 for a 2008 or 2007 model?
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I'll second the recommendation for the AVIN Avant-2...and would even if I'd had to buy it. It beats the NTG2 COMAND all hollow. Not as sure about the NTG2.5, but still, it's several years newer.
What do you currently have in your vehicle? What year is it? Do you have factory nav or backup camera or harman/kardon sound?

It's mostly plug and play, though that will vary with what you have installed in your vehicle already.
I need to find out about the factory microphone adapter...I'd love to use that instead of the separate one.

gcsingh312, it should be a plug and play installation for you aside from the backup camera. I didn't have to do that, since my vehicle had one from the factory. You'll need the MOST adapter.
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