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I've got broken coil spring in the front suspension.
The spring is broken near its bottom end, within the first loop or two, so I don't feel that something is wrong while driving.
The car is 2000 C280, sport package, ~30,000 miles.

What would you advise me to do?
(something between "get the car serviced by the dealer" and "do it yourself", unless there is the only right way :))

I can't find OEM springs on the internet for the year 2000 model, only for pre-1998. Any pointers to the right place? What is the original part number?

Is it better to order springs from the MB dealer or have local mechanic order it for me ?

How complicated is this repair?
I thought that it can be done pretty swiftly with the aid of a spring compressor. However, all local mechanics I've talked to insist that they'll need to take the whole suspension apart (~$250 job + cost of parts).

Can I replace one spring only ?

How unusual is it to have broken spring at 30K ?

Thank you.

1996 W210 E230 Estate
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I have come across with your thread just now and do not see anybody replying. I just drop down what I know and you need to get the other answers from expert:

(1) Springs have to be replaced in pair;
(2) Mercedes requires special spring compressor - using usually available spring compressor could result in serious injury.

Hope this is not too late for you.

Sean Ng
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