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Suspension part shopping ?

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Getting ready to do brakes and shocks , why are the OEM rear shocks for the 1999 E55 W210 so expensive , i found them for $322 each on pelican , what are you folks using for shocks ?

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1st let me say that OE AMG/Bilstein shocks actually are quite rugged - and other rear components and quality of rubber should be checked 1st before shock replacement. Often OE shocks will go out past 200K with minor useage/seepage unless you have genuinely blown them out.

Do am forum search - Bilstein work fine - but you need to find the correct/new Bilstein #'s.

Replacement front or rear is very straightforward - search/find the pictorial shock replacement post on the standard W210 forum - I think it may be in their stickies - but research the correct Bilstein part#'s from a search here on this AMG forum.

Keep the faith !
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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