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So currently I have the stock non-sport suspension set up and I'm looking to upgrade since the body roll while cornering is pretty egregious, not what I was looking for. As far as I know, the only suspension upgrade we currently have available for the R171 is the H&R sport springs. No cup-kit, no full coilover system yet.

I drive the car hard on a daily basis and would like to track the car maybe 4x a year (I'm bringing it to Streets of Willow Springs next month). My question is, since this is my first Mercedes, how much will the springs help the body roll/steering response/handling characteristics? Should I just wait and spring for a cup-kit/coilover setup, and if so, how long will I have to wait? I ran a Tein SS Adjustable Coilover system for my 01 Civic (last car) and it was amazing with the adjustable dampening and ride height.

Also if I go with the springs, my experience is that the stock shocks will blow out within 8 months-1 year. Is that the case with Mercedes also? I'm not sure if our stock shocks can handle the spring rate of upgraded springs. I've seen many Benz's with just upgraded springs (not for handling but to eliminate wheelwell gap) so I'd like to hear from the people who did this to see how their shocks held up. Thanks for everyone's input!
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