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Just got a sweet deal on Febi hydraulic mineral oil for the self-leveling suspension on my 79 300td and thought I'd share.

I called Febi's corporate office and asked who they distribute to, after a while on the phone and the guy telling me that they mostly just distribute to wholesalers and dealers he finally said that they distro to Carquest!

I called up Carquest in Oakland and had to talk to the manager to order it. Normal price is $15/liter ($22 at the dealer). I asked if I could get a deal when ordering four bottles, and got it for only $12/liter!!

I parked with the front end on a downslope and drained the old oil out from the tube connected to the pump, all black and nasty, eww.
Took 2 liters to fill it and the rear end perked up all happy.
I drove it another 500 miles and am going to do another drain and fill in the next few days.
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