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2002 S430
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When the temperature drops below +15F, the front suspension on my S430 collapses. I called a couple of dealers when it happened on a trip but they couldn't offer me any advice other than thawing the car out in a garage and taking it to MB Service. Since I live 8 hours away from the nearest dealer, I haven't made it yet. Maybe I'll have to mail the car in.

Is there a dryer at the system air intake? Is there a provision for introducing methanol for melting ice? It's a common problem in northern Canada for trucks. Their air brake systems have what we call "spitters" to get rid of moisture. Are there cold weather kits for MB Autos?

I was discusted with German engineering in 1972 when I bought a new VW Bus but I thought by now they would have more experience with Arctic Weather. I love the car and hope I don't have to go back to GM.

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