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Suspension and ride

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I am by no means a mechanic, so please excuse my ignorance. I am concerned about the issue of suspension and the ride of my 97 E320. When I hit small bumps in the road (numerous bumps on Louisiana roads) or small hills, I hear a sound (boom, boom). Should I get the bushings checked or what should I get checked to give a smoother ride? :confused:
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I have the same problem i changed my shocks the ride improved a little bit, but i still hear the boom boom noise like the whole car is gonna fall apart and i let my mechanic drive and he continues to tell me the ride is normal, i honesly have to find another mechanic cause i am not driving a tank its a mercedes, and i am not a mechanic either but i am 100 percent sure is the arm bushings that cause that because my friend had a volvo and same noise and he fixed the arm links or bushings whatever they called and ride was smooth and normal and i live in NYC if i tell you how disgusting the roads are ...but yeah i need input on this cause i put brand new shocks and ride improved just by a little...
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