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taking the car for a run,645 kilometers so far. it felt like it was surging slightly the whole way. then i had to back up on the hwy for a ways and it was very pronounce.otherwise its been running good. does anyone have ideas why this is happening?
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I had a surge at speed and it was my EHA. I slight surge in reverse on my other car happens when the rubber vacuum type connector slips off the throttle body.
All of the above. If you need a new EHA, they aren't expensive really. Used ones are not worth the time IMO.

The vacuum connector is was thinking of is in the abyss and hard to manoeuvre. On the throttle body itself, down from where the idle valve is.

You could also check the one that goes off to the transmission, at the rear of the engine itself.
It's the one with the little blue markings on it.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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